Decentralized exchanges carry out an exchange that operates directly on a blockchain and do not need a centralized third party to govern it all. …

Primex: How leveraged trading can drive higher yield compared to DeFi lending protocols

Although the underlying value of crypto assets, which are becoming increasingly popular, may increase or decrease, just holding a particular cryptocurrency won’t bring any profit. Investing assets in DeFi protocols, where other participants use them, is more profitable than passive storage of tokens. It is when DeFi loans step in.

Primex: The DeFi Bridge to dKYC and Margin Trading

The decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution overturns traditional centralized finance and its associated issues, but DeFi suffers from its own set of problems.

Primex contributes to solving these problems by introducing decentralized KYC (dKYC) and dynamic risk profiling. …

DeFi vs CeFi — Problems and Solutions

Decentralized Finance (DeFi), leveraging blockchain technology, has broken traditional barriers to finance, particularly around restrictions on who can access the financial markets. Traditionally, banks, brokers, exchanges, and others restrict who can trade where, when, and what assets. …

Decentralized Prime Brokerage protocol for cross-margin trading on DEXes.

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